How To Learn Foreign Words Fast

Teachers in schools frequently recommend using flashcard to learn vocabulary. Frequently, we lose our motivation after sheer number of time it can take to just create these cards. Throw your flashcards away, if you wish to learn comprehensive number of words fast and adopt this simple technique of memorization.

How to memorize words

You can begin memorization process when you’ve compiled a list of words you’d like to learn. You may learn words on your own language, for example, when memorizing words for GRE, SAT, or your ACT. Take out the list of words you’d like to learn and take a seat.

Use a chair that is comfortable and bring some water. Spend a few minutes and after that cover translation. Begin writing correct translation for each word down until you feel confident that you know those words. You should return and review the whole list once you’ve memorized the list.

Before you allow yourself to see them, compose the vocabulary for every word. Throw away your scrap paper once you’ve completed your study session, but continue to add your list. This manner, whenever you compile a new list, will help you to learn foreign words fast and without effort.

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