Modern Philosophy Of Learning

No conversation on reform will be completed without looking to the philosophy of learning. Some experts led the progressive education movement. They laid focus on the strategy rooted for stimulating and nurturing students interest.

Innovative learning aspects

There are a lot of strategies significant in learning and innovative centred education which are focused on freedom. It is important to understand the significance of every expertise shaping insights and perspectives and impacting each adventure of an individual or a pupil. Experts emphasize the significance of experiential learning building on a student’s prior knowledge and experience and the significance of continuity in a learning experience.

Interaction pertains to the degree of involvement of a learner to that certain learning experience which is directly linked to the prior adventure of a learner and a student’s inner motivation, perceptions and goals. The philosophy of education also laid great emphasis on the psychological and social aspects of a student’s life that had a great impact on his/her experience.

Traditional approaches neglected this essential aspect that influenced each experience of a pupil. A tutor needs to be a facilitator and a guide rather than an authoritarian figure who invokes fear in the mind of a learner. Every new encounter should arouse interest of a pupil to develop new interests and broader perspectives and will allow a student to relate to his/her immediate surroundings.

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