The 4 Main Kinds of Essays Explained

Good essays result in good grades. Masterfully writing your essays is crucial in your academic progress. Writing an essay has become a common school assignment and students of all ages attempt it. However, their marking schemes get exponentially tougher with each grade you go up.

As a result, students in high school order essay via online services, just so they can secure better grades. The fact is, one does not need to give their money to such services, simply understand what the essay needs, and write a wonderful essay by yourself. In this post, we will discuss the four major types of essays and help you understand them better. In the end, we hope you won’t have to order academic writing anymore as you would have gained some solid tips on how to write one.

1. Persuasive Essays

This type of essay requires one to take on a persuasive tone, and convince the reader to adopt the writer’s point of view. It requires the writer to build a compelling case that supports their stance on a certain topic of debate or agenda. One should make use of available evidence, facts, expert opinions, and sound reasoning to build their argument.

Many students who buy essays often order these types of essays due to the level of skill and salesmanship required in writing them.

Since you are also trying to change the reader’s point of view, your essay should try to maintain the reader’s interest. It is easy to lose track of your stance, so it is suggested that you read your stance after a few sentences, so you actively keep it in mind and do not deviate.

2. Narrative Essays

These kinds of essays tell a story. A narrative essay usually pertains to a personal or real-life experience of the writer. Like in the descriptive essay, one should use vivid descriptions of color, sound, environment, and scent to paint a picture for the reader for the purpose of immersing them in the story.

This type of essay also allows the writer to be emotive, and to make the use of anecdotes to make the reader empathize. It is generally written in the first person, without mentioning the character’s name a lot, so the reader feels like they are truly a part of the story. As easy as it sounds, narrative essays require a lot of reflection and craft to keep the reader immersed in a story.

3. Expository Essays

This is an analytical type of writing that focuses on providing a balanced explanation or analysis. It aims to display your command over a certain sector of knowledge and how well you are able to communicate or pass on that knowledge. It also requires one to analyze, examine and interpret your topic, and to make the reader do so with your essay.

They usually follow a fixed format that includes an introduction which explains the essay question or topic, a string of separate arguments that support the topic of your essay, and a conclusion. One generally follows the MEAL paragraph outline. Be sure to take notes from books or other websites as shown below to help build your factual arguments.

4. Descriptive Essays

These essays lean more towards the creative aspect of writing. One has to paint a picture with their words using vivid imagery, similes, metaphors, analogies, and personifications to convey their attachment or another strong emotion towards a person, action or object. It is a challenge to keep your language clear and concise while also as descriptive as possible.

Students tend to have problems with them and end up ordering essays from online assignment writing services. The best kind of descriptive essays makes the reader feel the same emotions the writer felt pertaining to the subject matter. Why not describe the below image and try practicing your hand at it?

If you’re able to crack it, then you might just be a good descriptive essay writer.

Now that you have gone through these tips and pointers, you can confidently tackle your upcoming essays. Don’t stress, keep calm and follow the requirements. Be clear and concise. Good luck with your essays!

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